Sarahruth O'Boyle - Owner and Lead Artist

In my third year of teaching high school English, my favorite AP class asked me if I was doing what I loved.  

Don't get me wrong, I loved teaching, but the answer came out without hesitation: 

"If I had to choose anything, I'd be a full time hair and makeup artist."

The hypocrisy of preaching "follow" your dreams, while not following my own seemed obvious, so that summer I moved from Wilmington to Raleigh to enroll in cosmetology school. 

I taught five more years, assiting for various companies on the weekends until finally, in January 2019, I founded Modern Alchemy.  

My approach to makeup is the same as my approach to teaching:  I want you to see the beauty you already possess, and it is an honor and a priveldge to be part of that process.  

my work has been featured in: 

Vanity Fair Magazine, Shape Magazine, Glamour Weddings Online, The Knot Magazine, Women's World, and Boudoir International